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IL2 Paper with dual removable sticky labels - IL2

The labels are easy to peel out and use a high tack adhesive that is suitable for use on most packaging materials including bags. Using this paper can increase order processing efficiency, speed up packing and reduce addressing mistakes. This label paper has a single peel off label - ideal for printing invoices and packing slips. Price includes a 1 year software license to install the software templates.
Double Integrated Label Paper
Size: 85mm x 54mm Position: 20mm from edge, 23mm from bottom.Dual label integrated label paperLabels can be at the bottomLabels can be at the top
1 box£38.65
1 pallet (90 boxes)*£1,975.50 (£21.95 per box)

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Style A, 13556, D1, 16555


A4 paper with two peelout labels, preprint quality, 90gsm paper.


85mm x 54mm
20mm from edge
23mm from bottom.

Ideal For

Using the supplied software this paper works with SellerDeck/Actinic Desktop 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 and 2013 (including Enterprise)
CSCart 2.14, 2.2.1, 4.01
Interspire 5, 5.5, 6.1
UK Magento up to 1.69, 1.7,, 1.9
Magento Go UK
OpenCart 1.3.4,,,,, 1.5,,,, 1.5.6,
PrestaShop,,,,, 1.5,, 1.6
One Stop Order Processing All versions
Quickbooks Basic , Pro and Premier (up to and including 2014)
Sage Instant Accounts Plus, Line 50
Microsoft Word 95, 97, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013

Integrated Labels available off the shelf. 

Free 2 day delivery as standard.
Integrated Labels are ideal for printing packing lists and invoices.Perfect for Ink Jet printers and Laser printers.
Custom integrated labels invoices available for Actinic Desktop, SellerDeck, Sage, osCommerce, Interspire, Magento, Magento Go, BigCommerce, Shopify, Quickbooks, AbanteCart, Invoice2go, ChannelAdvisor, Microsoft Word and HTML applications.Integrated Labels Invoice paper are ideal for small businesses, Ecommerce shops and mail order businesses.
Integrated labels are shipped on pallets of 90 boxes, each box has 1000 sheets.Print integrated labels at top OR bottom of your invoices or packing slips.
Streamline order processing by keeping labels with invoices.

Suitable for use on Ink Jet and Laser printers.

90 gsm Pre-Print grade paper, this grade of paper is more directionally stable and has a lower moisture content. Our paper will not curl when printed in large quantities on a laser printer.

The laser laminate on the reverse of the form is made of a high grade compacted Kraft liner, giving excellent lay flat properties.

Our adhesive is an all new high tack permanent water based acrylic giving excellent adhesion to virtually any surface, our adhesive has been developed in-house, we are the only integrated label company using it for off the shelf labels, it has the unique property of being very easy to peel but also very sticky.

Our paper is completely biodegradable, this is unusual for integrated label paper as most brands use a 'hot melt' adhesive which is a thermoplastic and so will not biodegrade. With the exception of the laser laminate, our paper can be recycled.

I have got to put in writing how absolutely delighted we are after using your Double Adhesive labels. We have saved so much time in order processing, that two people can process invoice and pack up to 60 orders per hour!. We have even re-designed our Sage paperwork to use the Invoice labels now and our Stores staff won’t use any other method - John Sollars

Just wanted to say thanks for the invoice labels...Massive time saver - Sarah

Our customers use our integrated labels invoice paper with Actinic Desktop, SellerDeck, Sage, Quickbooks, , osCommerce, 1StopOrders, CubeCart, Invoice2go, LiquidShop, MailOrderWorks, RomanCart and many other online shops and mailorder systems.

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With us you can use the same integrated labels paper for many different applications, you don't have to buy different paper formats for each system you use.

All of our software is created by our in house development team, and is digitally signed for your complete confidence. No one else distributes our integrated label software. If you are writing bespoke applications we can help you integrate your software with our paper.